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Alien Enthusiasts Help Us Understand Legal Relations with E.T.


In today’s global village, everything is possible, especially if we are to believe longtime alien enthusiast Paul Hellyer. The former Canadian Defense Minister, Mr. Hellyer is confident that at least four species of aliens have visited our planet. Even more incredibly, he recently stated at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure in Washington, D.C. that the U.S. government has at least two aliens on the payroll.

paul hellyer aliensPaul Hellyer is not the only respectable person who believes in aliens. Recently, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland seriously addressed possible issues related to alien interactions.

Taking the conclusions drawn by Mr. Hellyer and the World Economic Forum at face value, here is a brief overview of the law-related myths about extraterrestrials that must be dispelled:

  • Myth 1: If extraterrestrial contact ever occurs, it will be centered on issues related to high technology.
  • Response: While high-tech gadgets may play a role in understanding extraterrestrials, our communications with E.T. should center on understanding shared legal principles. This will ensure that interactions are regulated and peaceable.
  • Myth 2: “If the aliens are here, I’d absolutely expect them to call me to have their currency printed,” one Davos dinner member said.
  • Response: Our new legal framework should not fail to include a non-currency mediums of exchange. Besides, as society evolves, sophisticated forms of barter will dominate human commerce.
  • Myth 3: Lack of communication indicates that extraterrestrials either do not exist or are simply not interested in chatting. Another Davos member states, “I’d love to establish links with extraterrestrials. So far no messages on my cell phone.”
  • Response: The fact that one cannot or does not see a text message on one’s cellphone doesn’t mean that the message doesn’t exist. In fact, (according to Mr. Hellyer) English is the language of choice for our alien friends.


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