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LegalMatch Remote Attorney Survey: Data and Insights

As part of the ongoing goal to improve the quality of their attorney-client matching services, LegalMatch has conducted a survey to learn what aspects legal clients value when it comes to working remotely with an attorney. 

The Remote Attorney Survey asked ten thousand former legal clients various questions related to attorney communication, technology, and other issues that are fundamental to working with a lawyer remotely. 

For any business, understanding your target audience’s needs is crucial to being able to deliver the best services in your niche market. Especially in the legal services industry, it is important to understand what clients value in an attorney. The Attorney Survey provides crucial information regarding what legal clients seek out in a remote attorney. 

AI Chat Entity.Why Do Clients Seek Out a Remote Attorney? 

When asked, “What would make you more comfortable with the idea of working with a remote attorney?” the following percentages of survey respondents indicated: 

  • Knowing I could save time: 44.85%
  • Knowing I could save money: 54.80%
  • Knowing I could get a better, more specialized attorney: 45.90%
  • Knowing that if we needed to go into court that they can make it: 47.82%
  • Knowing that they are capable of doing whatever needs to get done: 70.68%

Interestingly, the highest percentage of survey respondents listed the following factor: “Knowing that they are capable of doing whatever needs to get done.” This means that consumers view remote work as an indicator of an attorney’s ability to make the adjustments needed to complete their tasks.  

In an age of pandemic restrictions, remote working, and curbside/delivery services, most Americans have now gotten used to the idea of remote working and communication. The ability to work remotely signals that an attorney is capable of being adaptable, reachable, and flexible despite challenging circumstances. 

Even beyond Covid considerations, the ability to work remotely has remained as one of the best practices for attorneys, as it provides yet another avenue for clients to stay connected with their attorneys.  

Attorney Technologies That Matter Most to Clients

Similarly, when asked, “What specific remote technologies do you like attorneys to use to help you?”, the following percentage of survey respondents indicated: 

  • Phone calls: 77.02%
  • Email: 73.22%
  • Video call capabilities: 52.89%
  • Texting / online chat: 57.69%
  • Remote payments: 40.00%
  • Secure online document sharing: 56.53%
  • Automated case status updates: 47.77%
  • eSignatures / Document signing: 58.02%
  • Remote court appearance capabilities: 44.30%

Based on the survey percentages, phone calls appear to be the most valued form of communication with remote attorneys, followed by email. While not specifically stated, this underscores a common trend we are seeing — today’s consumer relies heavily on smartphones and the internet to communicate with attorneys. 

At LegalMatch, we are making sure our attorneys are fully equipped and supported with resources to stay connected with clients through smartphone platforms. 

Use LegalMatch Today for All Your Legal Needs

If you or a loved one are facing legal challenges, use LegalMatch to contact a lawyer. We have an extensive database of lawyers all throughout the country who are willing and able to provide legal services remotely. LegalMatch is the country’s first and largest online attorney-client matching platform. Simply fill out the form and follow the steps to be matched with an attorney, free of charge. If you are an attorney looking to expand your base of clients and strengthen your online presence, speak with one of our representatives today to explore your options.


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