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LegalMatch Once Again Records Year-Over-Year Increases in Cases, the nation’s largest and oldest online attorney-client matching service, has once again reported outstanding year-over-year performance, with significant increases in cases in various practice areas. 

LegalMatch Case Increase Percentages Year over YearFor attorneys and law firms across the U.S., a steady stream of clients and cases are the foundation for operational success. For those people who need legal services for their specific needs, finding the right attorney is crucial to the outcome of their case. At LegalMatch, we specialize in connecting the people with the right attorneys who can help them obtain justice and the proper remedies.

As the country continues to adjust after the ups and downs of quarantine and pandemic conditions from the past few years, the changing legal needs of consumers are reflected in the types of cases being processed in LegalMatch’s system. The accessibility of our platform allows attorneys and clients to be matched together in the increasingly online and remote world we live in. 

The following are examples of areas where LegalMatch has experienced significant case growth in the past year: 

Business Bankruptcy Cases

Graph of Year over Year Progress

LegalMatch’s case intake has increased particularly when it comes to small business needs. Specifically, LegalMatch has seen a significant increase of 84% in business bankruptcy case numbers in the system. 

Much of this can be attributed still to post-pandemic factors, as small businesses continue to file for bankruptcy, reorganize, and rebuild as they manage Covid-19-related business challenges. Business owners seeking legal services have relied on LegalMatch to connect with qualified business bankruptcy attorneys in their area.   

“It will be a little while until small businesses are back on their feet. We’re working with a large number of attorneys that are helping small business owners move forward with their post-pandemic issues. As unfortunate as a bankruptcy is for a small business owner, it’s important for them to have access to the right legal resources so they land in the best possible position,” says Cheryl Smith, LegalMatch Head of Marketing.

Estate Planning Cases

LegalMatch has also experienced an increase in estate planning cases in 2022, with a 38% increase in general estate planning cases and a 35% increase in cases involving drafting wills and trusts since 2021. 

These increases also reflect increased health and safety concerns after the pandemic; it is estimated that nearly 2 out of 3 American adults still do not have a valid will in place. LegalMatch can connect those who have both litigation and non-litigation needs with local attorneys. 

Graph of Employment Cases Increase Year over YearEmployment Law Cases

In the area of employment law, LegalMatch has recorded a 36% increase in cases related to employment contracts, and a 35% increase in cases involving employment discrimination

These increases reflect ongoing concerns about loss of employment, workplace requirements, and employee rights. In many cases, working with an attorney is essential to protecting the legal rights of workers, who may not always understand the legal options available to them. 

Legalmatch Can Assist Both Consumers and Attorneys With Their Needs

For U.S. consumers who are in need of legal services, LegalMatch remains a proven, effective way to connect with local lawyers who can assist with cases. Click here to get started and find a lawyer near you.For attorneys looking to build an internet presence and nurture a steady stream of clients, LegalMatch remains a preferred way to build an online client base. The company continues to report increases in all major categories of law in all 50 states. Lawyers may click here for more information on how to leverage LegalMatch for business growth and success.


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