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Top Legal Issues Facing Businesses After the Pandemic


2022 is proving to be a tough year for businesses following the Covid pandemic. Between the labor exodus, supply shortages, and culture war shenanigans, it is harder than ever to keep a business afloat. Below are a few issues that a business owner should ponder for the rest of 2022 and the post-pandemic years beyond:

COVID-19 VIrusRemote Offices

One of the enduring legacies of the pandemic will be an increasing number of white-collar workers working remotely from home. Remote work may reduce many employment law issues that may have previously plagued an office, such as sexual harassment claims. Nevertheless, office place harassment may in some instances become digital even if workers are no longer physically in an office together. Inappropriate comments can still contribute to a hostile work environment even if they are delivered via email or text message. However, such written messages will be easier to save as evidence and will make such cases less reliant on specific verbal testimony.

Some businesses may also find it prudent to offer more pay to employees who chose to go to the office. While this may be legal and sensible, the same offer must be made to all employees regardless of gender and/or ethnicity. A business lawyer can ensure that your harassment and pay policies are legal and aboveboard.

Vendor Contracts

Post-pandemic supply chain issues have lead to increasing inflation worldwide. Businesses will have to balance raising prices to keep up with rising costs and keeping customers happy. If a vendor or supplier wants to raise the price of a critical product or service, review the contract to ensure that such price increases are permissible or at least agreeable beforehand. Companies may also wish to enter into a contract ahead of time to lock in prices and rates for the future rather than face more potential inflation in the coming months or even years. A business attorney can help you draft or review a contract before you commit to longer-term business relationship.

Political Speech

Businesses are increasingly caught between a rock and hard place as social media mobs demand that businesses adopt one political position while state governments demand that businesses take the opposite political position. However, not all companies can afford to defend itself like Disney can, but the culture wars of today may not afford businesses the luxury of remaining quiet. The protestors and rioters of 2020 demanded that businesses take a position and the upcoming abortion debates will likely encourage more of the same social media activism and government intrusion. A constitutional lawyer may be your best hope of navigating these perilous political waters as elections descend upon America once more.

Should I Hire an Illinois Business Lawyer?

Business laws can be very complex. It is a good idea to hire an Illinois business lawyer for assistance when you are starting, merging, or dissolving your business. There are generally many different types of laws and regulations that apply when running a business. Hiring a local Illinois business lawyer will help ensure that you and your business are compliant with all state laws.


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