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The Wave of the Future: Same Sex Prostitution


Issues involving same sex marriage and equal rights for homosexuals have been VERY hot topics for a while now.  But with the New Year, there are unique twists on old controversies…same sex prostitution.  Yes, this is dealing with the right of homosexual men to contract to have consensual sex with other men.  The recent allowance of this rather taboo activity (prostitution that is) is sure to be a hot topic both in the legal sense and on a lot of other levels as prostitution cannot escape review by religious groups, parents groups, and health groups.

Prostitution is illegal everywhere in the United States with the exception of 10 counties, all located in Nevada.  But the issue before the local community board did not hinge on whether or not is was illegal (as prostitution is legal in the country stirring up the controversy) but whether it should be an advertised practice. 

In Nye County, Nevada, county official agreed to let the Shady Lady Ranch hire male prostitutes to “service” their male clientele.  The owners of the ranch believe that the introduction of male services will boost business and help to modernize the industry to better reflect the times.  From the city discussions, the biggest concern is not the general presence of selling sex but the homosexual factor.  As one member of the counsel put it, the industry is pretty conservative and afraid of change.  Either way, Shady Ranch’s owner claims that she has already received over 100 applications from men interested in the position. 

I pretty much have an opinion about everything, but I am not sure about how I feel about consensual prostitution on a general level.  On the one hand, if it is truly consensual (meaning that there are not other factors forcing the individual into the business of prostitution) then my biggest concern is alleviated.  That being said, if prostitution is legal, then I don’t really see too much of a problem whether it is between men and women, women and women, or men and men.  People have a right to earn a livelihood and I really don’t see too much of a problem with the practice that is as old as the bible!


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