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Most Common Injuries in Auto Accidents for 2008

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We’ve all heard of people getting into minor fender-benders, hiring an attorney, and suddenly hitting the jackpot.  Some people have even been arrested for purposefully staging car accidents with hopes of making it big. 

My experience has shown: the gold-rush days of auto accident recoveries have long ago passed.  If you get in a car wreck, don’t expect to retire anytime soon.  You’ll likely get some money, but nowhere near an amount you’ll think is fair to make up for all your pain and suffering, inconvenience, and lost time.   

Worse, people with legitimate injuries now must fight for proper compensation from auto insurance companies.  If you get into a car accident, and suffer anything less than a broken bone, prepare for a fight. 

This is bad news for many LegalMatch consumers who have automobile collisions.  I went through and tabulated the most commonly cited injuries they suffered from auto accidents in 2008.  Next to each injury, I cite the percentage of people who cited the ailment when posting their auto accident case on LegalMatch:

  1. Neck pain 49%
  2. Lower back pain 42%
  3. Headaches 39%
  4. Shoulder pain 37%
  5. Upper back pain 34%
  6. Difficulty sleeping 31%
  7. Anxiety 25%
  8. Cuts and bruises 20%
  9. Loss of feeling in part of body 12%
  10. Broken bones 10%

Of the thousands of auto accident cases posted on LegalMatch in 2008, it’s not surprising that the most commonly cited injuries are neck and back pain.  Many people in auto crashes suffer traumatic whiplashes from blunt force impacts, which inevitably lead to neck pain and headaches.  And with any of the ailments noted above, they can make it very difficult for someone to sleep properly.         

The only physical manifestations of an injury noted above are “cuts and bruises”, which 20% of people suffered, and “broken bones”, which 10% of people cited.  The rest of the injuries are not visible injuries that a doctor can see.  This makes it very difficult for insurance companies to determine who is telling the truth and really suffering, and who is trying to milk them for an unmerited windfall.

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Top States for Divorce in 2008

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I know we still have a few months left in 2008, but I was curious: which U.S. States have the most divorces?  We all have hunches on which states are the most likely to grant a divorce, but I wanted facts.  So I dug deep into the LegalMatch database, and came out with more than a few surprises.


First off, over 50% of all divorces on LegalMatch are posted in the top 10 states.  52% to be exact, meaning the remaining 40 states (plus the outlying territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, etc., and pseudo states like the District of Columbia) together account for 48% of the divorces on LegalMatch in 2008.  This is surprising, because LegalMatch has cases and attorneys throughout the U.S. 


Why so many divorces in the top 10 U.S. states?  Population has to be a big factor: the bigger the state, the more divorces will happen.  Since LegalMatch is an online matching service, the results may also skew towards Net savvy states.  And what about social pressures?  Some states seem to take divorce more seriously than others, applying negative stigmas, and creating extra legal hurdles for couples to jump through before they can go their separate ways. 


Enough jabber – the divorce totals, please. 


Coming in at #10 through #6, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia, and Illinois all tied with 4% each of all divorce filing on LegalMatch in 2008.  That’s a pretty good smattering of states from different parts of the country – no clear trend there. 


North Carolina and New York shared the #5 and #4 spots with 5% each of LegalMatch 2008 divorce filings.  North Carolina… really? 


Florida came in at #3 with 6% of 2008 divorce filings on LegalMatch.  I would have guessed top 3.  It’s nice to be right every so often.


And now what I consider the biggest surprise: California came in at #2, with 8% of all divorce filings on LegalMatch in 2008.   I would have pegged California as number 1, since some celebrity marriages get annulled before the best man’s speech is over. 


Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess, if you really want to leave your spouse), the #1 distinction rests with… TEXAS.  In 2008, Texas accounted for 10% of all of LegalMatch’s divorce filings.  The Lone Star state is apparently also the Lone Spouse state.

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